Friday, January 28, 2011

A Better D300s Manual

If you're a DSLR enthusiast, odds are pretty good you've at least thumbed through your camera manual.   While it contains a lot of good information, they usually don't go to far into the "why" behind this setting or that setting or what considerations impact how you configure a particular option.

Shortly after my first outing with my new D300s, I recognized I was going to need a little more help to shorten the learning curve.  That's when I purchased David Bush's Nikon D300s Guide to Digital Photography.

While I'm still working my way through the 552 pages (lots of big pictures :), the thing I like about the book is that David DOES address the "why" behind the options and offers up some "best practice" advice to help you intelligently configure your camera to work for you.  He also doesn't try to make this a book about "how to take a picture".  I already have plenty of those books and prefer not to have to sift through that material as well.

Whether you have a D300s or any other DSLR, I'd encourage you to check out David's list of many titles to help you on your way.


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