Monday, January 31, 2011

Break in the Clouds

It may be due to the fact that I've been beyond busy with work this winter, but it seems to me that the days between sunshine have been far too many.   As such, I'm finding myself in a "black and white" mode and thought I'd share a few black and white images this week.

I titled this shot "Break in the Clouds".  It was the morning after a fresh snow complete with bitterly cold temps and a howling wind as company.  The sun peaked out from behind the clouds just long enough to cast a shadow on the ground and then, just as quickly, disappeared.  Can you feel the cold?

If you enjoy black and white photography, be sure to stop back Wednesday for a special B&W edition of "Title This..." or check out these previous posts - "Lightroom's B&W Panel" for quick black and white conversion or "Lightroom Split Toning: Duotone Step-by-Step" for a more detailed method, but with better results.  I know the second post references Duotone, but converting to black and white is a part of the process.

Take care and stay warm.


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