Monday, August 13, 2012

And Baby Makes 3…

Regardless of my excuse, I haven’t spent much time walking my lunch hours along the river this summer so when I finally got out there last week I was surprised to find that the “downtown” osprey family appears to have an addition!

As I rattled off a few frames, Mr. Osprey was denied re-entry to the nest having come home without lunch for Junior as the little guy sat out on the ledge trying to muster enough courage to launch himself into his first flight.  Having sent Dad back out for fish, Mrs. Osprey soon took to the air to hunt along the river as well leaving the little one left to ponder that big “first step”.

And there he sat. Thinking. Thinking some more.  In fact, he was still out there on the end of that support arm when I left for home 5 hours later.  Thinking.


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