Friday, August 10, 2012

Is Flickr Dying? Where Do You Share?

I recently watched an episode of “The Grid” titled “The Future of Photography on the Web – Google+ & Flickr” in which Scott Kelby and company provided some rather interesting statistics outlining the decline of Flickr since Google+ came on the scene.

There are many, many, MANY avenues upon which to share your images with the world and, not unlike everyone else who shares online, I’ve developed relationships on nearly all of them.  Family images are shared to a private gallery on Flickr, most of my friends frequent Facebook (I’m still not a fan, but when in Rome…), while the more “serious” photography enthusiasts are generally found on 500px and Google+.

During the Grid episode, it’s reiterated that there are no rules about only having to be involved within a single social photography site, but I personally wouldn’t complain if everyone in my audiences decided to play in the same sandbox.

What about you? What is  your social photography site of choice or are you dabbling in them all as well?


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