Friday, December 2, 2011


Alright. So Google+ has been around a little while now and many of you may already be on that train.  While I have a passion about sharing my photography experiences through my blog and do syndicate the blog through other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, I'm not big into the whole social network scene.  Until now.

Google+ finally provides social networking functionality that makes sense to me by giving users the ability to target shared content to particular audiences which they themselves define.  Thanks Google!  It's very photograpy friendly too which doesn't hurt.

I found two very informative FREE videos from Kelby Training Online that are well worth watching - even if you have been in the Google+ space for a while.

10 Tips to Help Photographer on Google+ Part 1: Google Plus Basics

10 Tips to Help Photographer on Google+ Part 2: Google Plus Basics

I'm really looking forward to finding ways to leverage Google+ to be much more interactive when it comes to sharing photography experiences and learning from one another.  If you're on Google+ and sharing where photography is taking you, send me an invite.  I'd love have you in one of my circles.  You can view my Google+ page here.


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