Friday, January 14, 2011

Try Before You Buy

If you have a DSLR camera, you more than likely purchased it for the attraction of being able to use different lenses for different styles of photography.  And then you started lens shopping.  Who knew that the lens was going to cost more than the camera?!

With my wife being a "birding enthusiast", she definitely required more "reach" than what the 18-55mm kit lens could afford.  After buying the Nikon 70-300 , she immediately had more options available to her with her bird photography.

It was later that same year that I got into photography when she got me a Nikon D40x for Christmas.  I too shot for about a year with the 18-55mm kit lens and occasionally borrowed her 70-300.  Landscapes were still my main focus, but as I mentioned in my post "Goodbye 2010", I was quickly becoming hooked on wildlife photography too.  Wildlife images at 55mm were going to be a problem.

After some research and analyzing my style of shooting, I determined that the Nikon 18-200mm would probably be a good next lens.  I wasn't too excited about buying an $800 lens without being able to try it first though.  Living in rural Central Wisconsin, I didn't have the option of walking into B&H to take the lens for a spin.  Instead, I decided to rent the lens over our 2 week vacation and see how I liked it.

There are a number of rental companies online, but the one I decided on was "Focus Lens Rental".  The whole event was a VERY positive experience and it gave me the chance to try the lens without having to empty my wallet.  In the end, I did buy the updated version of the 18-200 and it still serves as my everyday lens.

Ever find yourself drooling over those high end lenses who will never meet the constraints of your pocket book?  Lens rental just might be for you.  I wouldn't hesitate to contact the friendly folks at Focus Lens Rental to help you realize an opportunity you  might not otherwise have.


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