Monday, January 17, 2011

"Dead End"

After what seems like a lifetime, I finally made the time to get out and shoot some images with the new camera this weekend. We received a few inches of snow during the night and the pine bows were sagging under the weight. I jumped in the car and drove around on the back roads until I found something that inspired me to step out into the howling winds and shoot :).

It was one of those winter mornings where the sky is threatening to dump more snow, the wind is raging and every now and then the sun would break through to give you some really interesting light. It was happening so fast, however, there were many times that I failed to pull the car over fast enough to get out and catch it.

I'm VERY excited about the D300s but will be the first to admit that I need to invest a lot more time to fully understand and appreciate all of the new "bells and whistles".

I loved the contrast of this bright yellow "Dead End" sign against the white field, snow covered trees and ominous storm clouds. I used a custom 5x15 crop to give it that "faux-panorama" look. What do you think?


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