Friday, September 10, 2010

Black Rapid's "Brad" Accessory

RS-5 Camera Strap
Back in April I blogged about my favorite new camera strap, the Black Rapid RS-5. It's incredibly comfortable and places your camera at your hip rather than around your neck.  Not only is it more comfortable for you, but it's also better for your camera as it hangs more naturally from the bottom of the body reducing the strain of the lens on your camera mount.
BRAD (Black Rapid Arm Defense) StrapMy only issue with the strap was that it liked to slide down my front when I had the camera to my eye and my rather heavy mobile phone in the strap pocket.  "Brad" to the rescue! The "Brad" (or Black Rapid Arm Defense) accessory clips to the front and back of the strap spanning across your back and under your arm to prevent this "sliding down" issue.  I've been using it for about a month now and it's solved the problem.  It takes a little getting used to as you find you'll need to keep your arms in close to your body as you bring your camera to your eye, but after a week or so it becomes second nature.  There's also a convenient connect/disconnect clip which can quickly be undone during those times you need additional freedom of movement.
Every photographer acquaintance of mine that I've shown this strap to has gone out and bought their own and love it just as much as I do.  Do yourself a favor and get your Black Rapid RS-5 (or the RS7 for the ladies) today!


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