Friday, May 21, 2010

Do You Moo?

Just received a batch of business cards from and they are VERY cool.  The back side of the card features your favorite shots to show off some of your work while the other side provides your basic contact information.  And the best part, a batch of 50 of these highly customized cards costs $21.99!  You could even use 50 different images if you like.
Don't think you need business cards? Let's say you're setup on your tripod facing the most spectacular sunset of your life.  Joe Tourist thinks you've got some great looking gear and decides now would be a great time to play 20 questions.  What do you do?
    A) Be polite, stop taking pictures and miss a once in a lifetime opportunity, B) Be rude and tell Joe if he doesn't leave you alone you're going to have to beat him senseless him with your tripod (this is where aluminum has an advantage over carbon fiber btw), or C) Hand him your custom made Moo business card and ask him to drop you an email and you'd be happy to answer all of his questions.
My vote is for answer "C", hand over a business card.  If he still doesn't leave you alone, there's always answer "B"... just be sure to remove your camera before you start the beating. :)


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