Friday, October 19, 2012

Still Waiting…

Earlier this week, Microsoft FINALLY released pricing and pre-order options for the Windows RT version of their new Surface tablet.  First announced back in June, there has been a lot of chatter and speculation in the industry around capability and pricing.  All of that is now known for the RT version which is set to ship on 10/26 – the same day Windows 8 is released.

So why am I holding out for the Pro? Because it will finally offer the promise of what I think a device like this should be.  Apple’s original vision for the iPad was as a “content consumption” device and every tablet variation since has been adapted to that model.  My point is that if I’m going to spend as much or more than I would for a full-blown laptop to enjoy the form factor, it better do more than let me browse the web, read a book or play some scaled down game.  I want to run Lightroom and Photoshop and a full version of OneNote.  In short, I want to be productive.  I want to produce content, not just consume it.

“Process photos on a 10.6” screen?”.  OK, so that’s not the primary selling point, but when sitting at my desk I’ll still be connected to a big beautiful screen for photo processing.  But what about when I’m not at my desk?  Yeah, this is the part that I’m actually most excited about.  By day, I carry my camera and work laptop in a nice messenger bag.  There’s no room in there, however, for my personal laptop that I use for, well, personal stuff… photos, notes, books, etc.  Now there will be.  What about having a built in stylus capability within Lightroom and Photoshop?   USB 3.0, microSDXC memory card slot for additional expansion, a complete operating system (that’s right, I’ll have access to the file system), etc., etc., etc.. 

Bring it on, Microsoft. I’m ready.  What about you? Would you consider giving up your desktop/laptop and replacing it with a tablet form factor?


Unknown said...

I have used the Asus EP121 for a few years and found it to be "nearly" a PC replacement. It has both touch and pen inputs and I use it mostly when traveling and for doing initial workflow sorting and keywording away from my main PC. For any developing work, I still go back to the trusty old PC. I am looking forward to the Slate Pro and hope it arrives soon.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your experience, Michael. What exactly were the gaps that led you returning to your PC for development? Processing power?

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