Tuesday, July 3, 2012

LR Catalog Bloat? Try This.

This weekend when I opened by every day Lightroom catalog I noticed it contained nearly 8,000 images.  I clicked on “All Photographs” and started scanning through the mountain of pixels and more than a few sleepers started to jump off the page at me.  Time for some clean up once again.

If this sounds familiar, perhaps this post can help you tidy things up a bit.

A few things I look for are images that have not been edited, flagged, cropped, etc.  If I didn’t think they were important enough to process then they probably don’t deserve to occupy the hard drive.  Keep an eye out for that missing gem though.  On more than one occasion I’ve found a shot that I was able to apply a new technique or process to that’s resulted in a new favorite.

What are some of your criteria as to whether a photograph stays or goes?


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