Friday, March 9, 2012

PhotoBert CheatSheets

Without a question, today's DSLRs (and even point-and-shoots for that matter) are packed full of buttons, knobs, dials, software menus... lots of bells and whistles.  Whether its because you and your camera have become estranged or your memory just isn't what it used to be, it isn't very difficult to draw a blank when trying to remember how to change "setting x" to "value y".

PhotoBert to the rescue!  PhotoBert CheatSheets provide an easy alternative to lugging around your camera manual or absent mindedly searching through the menus trying to find that pesky setting while your photo op gets away. Summarized in an attractive 8.5 x11 inch laminated tri-fold format, PhotoBert's CheatSheets are organized into logical, color-coded sections that will help you track down "setting x" in no time. 

Whether you store it in your camera bag or put it in your back pocket when you're out in the field, a PhotoBert CheatSheet is helpful resource to have at your disposal. 


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