Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Finding your "Second Sight"

Now that we're past the "holiday hubbub", I thought I'd write a post targeted at those of you lucky enough to receive a new camera under the Christmas tree. It wasn't all that long ago that my own photography journey started in that very same way and I can remember feeling both excited and a little intimidated as well.

If you're like me, you've poured over the manual, found a few blogs to help your education and maybe even purchased a few books (there's some nice options in the "Ken Recommends" widget on the right side of my blog). I can remember feeling a lot more comfortable with the theories, buttons and dials at this point, but that didn't necessarily translate to my getting better pictures.

Sound familiar? If so, here's my advice. Put down the books, manuals and blogs and pick up your camera. Make sure you're battery is fully charged and just go take pictures. The subject of your photos doesn't really matter. It's the act of putting that camera to your eye and learning to see the world through a viewfinder that will make the difference. Try to pay attention to the light, shadows, reflections, etc. - all of those finer details that you've learned to take for granted your entire life. Learn to use them in your images to help tell a story and to help others see the world that their brains have learned to filter out.

What about post processing, publishing, printing, etc, etc.? There will be plenty of time for that as your journey is only beginning. Instead, invest your time in reviewing the images you've shot and determining what you like about them and/or how you might improve the next time you put your camera to your eye.

Have a useful tip of your own for aspiring photographers? Share your thoughts below. The more we share, the more everyone wins.

Until next time, keep on click'n.


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