Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lightroom Plugin: Perfect Layers Followup

Last week I mentioned I had downloaded the trial of On One's Perfect Layers plug in for Lightroom as a potential PhotoShop alternative.  I've since spent about an hour working some layer magic on a few of my images and have been pretty happy with the results.  Unfortunately, there's still a pretty big missing piece that would prevent this from replacing PhotoShop entirely.  Selections.

While it does a good job with blending and manipulating layers, it's intended purpose,  Perfect Layers doesn't provide any advanced selection tools to aid you in working around more intricate detail areas.  If you're looking to merge a new sky into your landscape, you'll be alright.  Unless there's a nice leafy tree in the way. 

So, for me, the dilemma continues.  Buy a $100+ plug in that does part of the job, or save the money to put towards the tool that can do all of the job?

Have you taken Perfect Layers for a ride yet?  What is  your impression?

Until next time, keep on click'n.


Laurie said...

Hi Ken;

Perfect Layers is listed on their website at just under $70. If you do a search for a coupon code, there are several out there for 10 to 15% off that price. Might make that dilemma a bit easier. :)

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