Friday, June 3, 2011

BocaPhoto's EC-3 Eyecup

Last Friday I blogged about a new gear site I stumbled upon, BocaPhoto. I made my first purchase and bought their EC-3 eyecup for my Nikon and I LOVE IT. I'd been looking for some time for such an eyepiece and have tried several, including Hoodman's HoodEYE and Nikon's DG-2 Magnifier Eyepiece. I can't say I was a fan of either and, in my opinion, they're more expensive than they ought to be.

BocaPhoto's EC-3 is exactly what I was looking for. Simply slide your existing eyecup off and slide this one on. It's that simple. My original goal was to help keep my face off of my LCD screen. While this helps mitigate that issue, the biggest benefit is how it really helps block out the ambient light from my shooting eye giving me a much better view of what I'm framing in the viewfinder.

The best part? It was under $9. When was the last time you spent under 10 bucks on a useful piece of camera gear? If you've been looking for a better eyecup, this is the one. :-)


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