Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Title This...

This week's images come to us once again from my lovely wife, Lisadawn, and give us an opportunity to check in on the wacky Kestrel family who, much to our delight, have decided to take up residence in a nest box high in a grove of poplars in our back yard.
The series begins on a warm spring evening with Mr. Kestrel settling in to enjoy his evening meal high above the ground from the comfort of the overhead power lines.  A freshly caught, juicy steak snake.

No sooner does he begin to sink his beak into this hard earned, delectable morsel when...

"Oh, crap! Here comes the Mrs.!"

"So you thought you could just leave me at home with the kids all day while you go off to sneak a quick bite, did you?"

And thus our story comes to its conclusion.  Mrs. Kestrel retires back to the nest with a full belly while Mr. Kestrel is left alone - hungry and without his snake.  Such is the way of nature. ;-).

A big thank you again to my wife, Lisadawn, for allowing me to use these incredible backyard shots in this week's "Title This" post.  You can see more of her stunning photography on Flickr.

Now it's your turn.  Use the comments section below to comment on one of the above image or the entire series.  Have fun.


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