Friday, March 25, 2011

Graduated Neutral Density Filters

Over the last couple of week's we've reviewed the Graduated Filter tool inside Adobe Lightroom 3.  While it's a welcome post processing tool, you may find you have better luck by using actual filters while capturing the image.

If so, Graduated Neutral Density filters are what you need.  While they come in the "screw on" and rectangular "hold in front of the lens" form factors, my recommendation is for the "hold in front of the lens" type.  The reason? 

Graduated Neutral Density filters provide a gradual" transition from dark to light.  With the screw on filters, that transition line is most often right in the center of the lens.  When you are out taking photos, how often do you put the horizon line right in the center of your frame?  Probably not very often if ever.  The 4x6 type filters allow you to adjust the filter to where you need it simply by holding it in front of your lens.  It's that simple. 
Cokin BP400A77 P Series 77mm Filter Holder with 77mm Adapter Ring
If you still would prefer not to hold it, Cokin also makes a filter holder with adapter ring that you can mount to your lens AND STILL be able to adjust the filter in the holder to exactly where you need it.


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