Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Camera!

Welcome 2011!

After squirrelling away my pennies for much of 2010 and a very generous contribution from my beautiful wife in the way of my Christmas present, I have FINALLY upgraded my camera body.  Say hello to my Nikon D300s :-).

I've been "coveting" this camera for a while.  Don't get me wrong, my D40x and I are still best of friends, but there were features I could use that it just couldn't deliver - auto bracketing, faster/better AF, better high ISO/low noise and something more than 4 frames per second to name a few.

While the pennies were being saved, Nikon introduced the D7000 model which forced me to reconsider my options.  In the end, the big selling points of the D7000 didn't outweigh the features I was after in the D300s - namely the AF system and the 7 frames per second (8 once I add the battery grip).

So, what did I do during Christmas vacation? Well, mostly studied my new camera manual and revisited past episodes of DTown TV for pointers in setting up menu options.  What I haven't done is spent much time outside putting the camera through it's paces.  Hazy, dreary weather has really zapped my motivation... even with a new camera in hand.

What did you find in YOUR stocking this Christmas?


Adam Emter said...

Cool, Ken! That's a very nice camera and should open up some new avenues for your work. I got an SB600 Speedlight and I'm having a ton of fun with it so far.

Ken Schram said...

Thanks, Adam. Congrats on the Speedlight too. Sticking mostly to outdoors and natural lighting, I haven't gone down that road yet myself. Now I know who to contact when I do :)

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