Friday, January 7, 2011

A Little New Year Inspiration

Captive Bald Eagle - N.E.W. Zoo
At some point in our photography journey we all need a little "boost" in the inspiration department.  When I find myself in a rut I usually turn to the web for a "shot in the arm".  One place I often find what I'm looking for is Flickr.  Here are a few tips I follow to help me get my mojo back.
  1. Search Flickr for your favorite subject matter and "befriend" those whose work you enjoy (Add as Contact)
  3. Read their profile pages, look over the EXIF information on their images if they publish it and don't be afraid to add comments which include questions if you have any.  I know I find it refreshing to read questions showing genuine interest over stock comments like "Great shot" or "Awesome" and you'd be surprised how willing most people are to share their experiences and expertise.
  4. Check out the images they've marked as "favorites" while looking for more photographers you enjoy.  Add those individuals as contacts too.
  5. Monitor your Flickr home page  and the "Contacts... Photos from" section to keep tabs on what others are doing.
A while back I added a photographer from the western part of the US that shares my passion for birds of prey.  While I have some serious "gear envy", one thing that I've learned just by watching his photostream is that there is NO substitute for investing the time.  If you continue to put yourself into situations where you might get images, eventually you'll get images.  You can view his work at "Walk in the Woods Photography" on Flickr.

Following my own tip, I snuck a peak at this contacts "Favorites" and found another photographer that has some images of hawks that you have to see to appreciate.  You can view his work here.


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