Monday, December 20, 2010

Winter Fog

With all of the cold weather we've had so early this year in Central Wisconsin, you can't help but question why one would continue to call it home.  You head out for work in the morning, the temperature is nearly 20 degrees below zero and your nostrils stick together from the cold air.  You scrape the ice from the windshield in the brutal cold only to get into the car and have your backside freeze on the ice cold seat.  You wrap your fingers around the frozen steering wheel and turn on the lights to make your way even though it's after 7am. Your driving down the road wondering for the millionth time what it would be like to be living in Phoenix when it happens. 

The ice fog parts, the sun peeks through and the winter wonderland presents itself in all it's glory.  Suddenly, the cold no longer matters.  Now I only wish I had more time to stay and capture the scene to do it justice.


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