Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Title This...

This is one of my favorite shots from this past summer.  It was my first sunrise at Isle View Park on the Door County Peninsula which presents you with a nice view of Pilot Island and the "Port des Morts Light Station".

On this particular morning, a heavy cloud bank provided a nice backdrop to the lighthouse and an eerie canvas for the rising sun as it began to crest the horizon.  Every time I see this image I can almost hear the spooky music of some Stephen King movie.  That very thought inspired me to title this shot, "It's Coming!".

Makes you want to run hide under the blankets, doesn't it ;-).  Before you do, take your shot at titling the image using the comments section below and remember to have fun.


Lisadawn Schram said...

Run For Your Death; 2012: Lake Michigan; The Shadows of My Despair. (or how 'bout "The Pallet Factory"?! Inside joke here-haha)I have one similar, not posted yet, which I have titled "Island In The Sky". Mine doesn't have such ominous clouds and looks more as if it's floating on the lake. You have a few shots "Stephen King" worthy-maybe he'll notice! : )

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