Friday, December 3, 2010

Give the Gift of Zen

Zenfolio that is.

With Christmas right around the corner you're probably getting that all too familiar question, "What would you like for Christmas?".  As a photography enthusiast, your wish list probably looks like mine.... "Well, there's that $1,500 camera I've been eyeing and the $7,000 lens, and the ...." but by then the questioner has turned tail and ran.

Well, here's a more practical idea... a Zenfolio subscription.  Zenfolio is a premier online hosting service that provides several levels of subscription plans depending on your needs.  Whether you're wanting an attractive, customized site to present your work or a  partner to act as your fulfilment house for online sales, Zenfolio has you covered.  They've just recently introduced a Premium Business account that offers even more services to help you get your business up and running.  I've been using Zenfolio for about a year and have been incredibly impressed with their service as well as the constant stream of improvements I've seen in that time.

Sound interesting?  But wait, there's more! Click the button above or the Zenfolio banners on my blog page and get 10% off your subscription.  How's THAT for Christmas cheer? :-).


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