Friday, November 26, 2010

The Tenba Messenger Bag

I'm an applications developer by trade as well as an aspiring photographer.  This means that I am almost ALWAYS carrying the two required tools of my crafts with me - a laptop and my camera.

If you've ever spent time researching camera bags you already know there is no shortage of options.  I myself have 3 or 4 different bags for different uses, but the Tenba Large Messenger bag is my constant companion.  It easily holds my laptop (up to 17" models) as well as my camera, a small array of additional gear in addition to pockets for your various pens and papers.  It features a removable insert for your camera gear for those times when you don't require your camera (not sure when that might be ;) but need more space for "other things". 

One of my favorite features is the quick-zip, top-side access to your camera without having to undo the buckles on the bag.  I've recommended this bag to a friend or two and they've been just as happy with it as I have - 2 thumbs up!

Remember, the secret to great pictures is taking lots of photos.  Having your camera with you makes that task much easier (especially if it's not locked in your trunk). The Tenba Large Messenger bag is just what the doctor ordered to keep your camera within reach.


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