Friday, September 3, 2010

The Missing Piece - Topaz Adjust

A while back I mentioned that I've started to dabble in the world of HDR (High Dynamic Range) and tone mapping (See post "My First HDR").  I'm continuing on that journey and have spent a fair amount of time reading and studying other HDR processed images and wondered why I just couldn't quite get "the look" that I enjoy in some of the other work I've been reviewing.  After downloading a 30 day trial of Topaz Adjust, I think I found the answer.

Here are the images start to finish.

Original RAW photo straight from the camera.

Single image HDR produced with Photomatix Pro

Final image produced by Topaz Adjust (click for larger image)
  The additional exposure adjustments in the doors, pillars and stained glass window really sell it for me.  I feel another software purchase coming on in about a month :).


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