Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Title This...

City life got you down? Tired of the hustle and bustle when you know you're just a wild animal at heart?  What to do?
Well, if  you're a deer trying to make your way in downtown Wausau, WI, evidently you move to Baker Steward Island.

In this week's "Title This..." post, I photographed this youngster and titled the image "Waiting on a Train".  Maybe he/she's off to bigger and better things?

Just a short time ago, I captured "mama" returning to Baker Steward Island by way of the foot bridge on the east side of the island.  Was probably off on a grocery run? Maybe visiting her young buck at Fern Island? There must be something to the "island life".  I know I enjoy my visits :-).

See what you can come up with for an alternate title for the fawn on the tracks.  Use the comments section below to record your entry and have fun.


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