Friday, August 13, 2010

Meet Jeffrey Friedl

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3If you're an Adobe Lightroom user and haven't heard of Jeffrey Friedl, today's postis going to change your life.  Jeffrey is a very gifted software developer and photographer living with his family in Japan and spends his free time writing incredibly useful plugins for Adobe Lightroom.  Whether you like to share your photography on Flickr, Zenfolio, SmugMug, Facebook, etc., etc., Jeffrey has written an export plugin that will help you manage all of your published collections right from within Lightroom.  Yes, LR3 comes with a Flickr publishing service, but in  my opinion that plugin was added just as an "example" of what a publishing plugin might do.  Jeffrey's plugins actually provide the features and functionality that make them useful.
What's even more incredible, is Jeffrey offers his "Lightroom Goodies" as donationware.  That means you can download and install them, try them and use them as fully functional throughout the trial period. Once you've determined you love the plugin as I'm sure you will, PLEASE take the time to register and make a worthwhile donation to Jeffery.  Consider the amount of time required to develop all of these plugins, the fact that he is actively supporting every one of them via his blog, AND the amount of time his plugins are going to save you.   Don't mistake "donationware" as "freeware" or "cheapware".  Please consider how valuable these tools will be to you and donate with that in mind.
So, give Jeffery's stuff a look. You won't be disappointed!


Lisadawn Schram said...

And I might add, that you can donate as little as .01 to register this software with Jeffrey, if that's all you can afford...He has really devoted a large portion of his life to developing these apps and deserves every "cent" you can give him!

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