Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Shooting in "Burst" Mode

First you sneak up...Whether you find yourself trying to capture a fast moving subject or maybe you're trying to take a hand held shot in less than perfect light, the "burst" mode on your camera is an invaluable tool in your arsenal.  Once set to burst mode, simply hold the shutter release down and fire away. 
When shooting hand held in low light, burst mode gives you a better chance of capturing at least one image with sharp focus.  The beauty of digital is you can simply toss the fuzzy ones out and it didn't cost you anything.
...then you Blublblblblb...When shooting action shots in adequate light, burst mode can help you capture the action in fractions of seconds.  It's not a silver bullet, however.  It's still important to know your subject and be able to anticipate the action.  Standing on the shutter release is going to soon have you missing shots while waiting for your memory buffer to write the images off to the card.  Instead, I prefer to shoot in short bursts... click, click, click.... click, click, click.  Being able to anticipate the movement is the trick and the only way to do that is to study your subject.
...then, check resultsUntil next time, keep click'n.

...then, toss head back
...and finaly, satisfaction


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