Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Queen of the Mountain

From this day forth, I proclaim that this hut shall belong to me and only me!  Trespassers will be severely bitten!"
As promised, here's a shot of our female African Red-Bellied Parrot, Mwanga. She definitely wears the green pants in the family. An interesting fact about having birds as pets is that they have many ways in which they communicate with you.  If you're observant, they make it very clear through body language and the dilatation of their pupils what mood they happen to be in. If I fail to pay attention, Mwanga doesn't hesitate to "educate" me and I have the scars on my finger to prove it.
If you have kids, the point can be illustrated by imagining your child as a perpetual 3 year old that just happens to be able to fly and wears can opener on his/her face. We wouldn't trade it for the world :).


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