Monday, August 6, 2012

Bras Across the Bridge

More than 1,000 local women contributed their “unmentionables” to Merrill, WI “Bras Across the Bridge” event to help raise breast cancer awareness.  Both sides of the Center Avenue bridge were lined with brassieres as were most of the downtown store front windows. 

The event did hit a few snags, however, when first powerful winds from an overnight storm knocked down some of the suspension wires followed by an early Tuesday morning “collector” decided to help himself to more than 80 of the undergarments before police intervened.  A couple of local construction companies donated their time to rehang the display higher above the bridge which provided this great perspective and cloud backdrop.

I originally posted the image to Facebook with the comment “Not Prayer Flags” as the image reminded me of others I’d seen taken in the climbers base camps of Nepal (actual flags, not bras).  On second thought, however, maybe these are prayer flags of a different kind….


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