Monday, May 7, 2012

Photographer Wanted

Currently seeking motivated landscape/wildlife photographer for an unlimited term engagement which includes a minimum 10 year guarantee.  Candidate must be willing to accept the following responsibilities and conditions:

  • Annual starting salary of $195,000 per year with a guaranteed minimum 10% increase annually.
  • A willingness to receive, test and review ALL of the latest photography gear from the vendor(s) of your choice.  The gear will be provided at no cost to you and is yours to keep, free of charge, once the review has been completed.
  • All testing must be completed in the field at locations of your choosing.  Any and all travel, lodging and miscellaneous trip expenses will be covered by the corporate sponsor(s).
  • Candidate must possess a valid drivers license.  A new SUV, complete with unlimited gas allowance, will be provided on a rotating 2 year cycle.
  • Once per year, you will be honored along with the photographic collection of your choosing at a prestigious New York gallery at the expense of the corporate sponsor(s).  All sale proceeds will be donated to the charity of your choice.
  • An annual bonus no less than 25% of your annual salary will be granted upon the successful completion of the aforementioned conditions and responsibilities.

A bull elk grazes along the road in Yellowstone National ParkA banded bald eagle perches above the Wisconsin River in search of fish.

One of the Mormon Row barns found in Grand Teton National Park

If interested, please re-read the above and ask yourself “If this were for real, do you really think Ken would have shared this information with anyone rather than just take the position himself?”.

If you have knowledge of such an opening, please email me at  Heck, I might even share a lens or two with you. Smile


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