Monday, May 21, 2012

New in Town

Cirus cyaneus

Last year my wife and I played host to a nesting pair of American Kestrels.  They took over a nest box in the yard and were a blast to watch and photograph.  As the summer wore on and the mice and snake populations started to dwindle, however, these incredibly effective little hunters turned to easier pickings by targeting the song birds from the feeders.  As much as we enjoyed having them around, the devastation inflicted on the feeders was more than my wife could bare.  This spring we moved the nest box to the edge of the woods hoping they would take up residence a little further from the “feeder buffet”.  While they arrived back this spring as anticipated, evidently the new location wasn’t as exciting because I haven’t seen them around for some time.

With the little guys having stepped aside, we recently realized we have new neighbors that have taken their place.  Now it's not only the mice and snakes who’s futures are in question, but the rabbits have reason to be nervous too.  That’s the “Misses” pictured above.  She and her husband are known to be big, bad hunters in the world of raptors and we’re super excited to have them. 

Stop back tomorrow and I’ll give you a proper introduction.


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