Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Title This...

My wife and I were married in the spring of 1998.  Shortly after our blessed union she began a new job that required her to travel a fair amount and I took it upon myself to find her a "travelling buddy".  Enter Theodore Edward Bear - Ted for short.

Ted was never an inanimate bystander that got loaded into the suitcase.  Never think it.  Ted has personality!  When Ted was first introduced to my wife as her new travelling companion, I would hold him in my hand and manipulate his head, almost puppet like, to the point that my wife would be carrying on whole conversations while he nodded his enthusiastic understanding.  From that point forward, travelling buddy was his job and adventure his game!

Early in Ted's travelling career there was a rather traumatic incident where he went out exploring and found he'd missed his ride when he got back to the hotel!  Luckily, the hotel staff were nice enough to arrange for him to catch a ride with the UPS man who delivered him back to our home.  When my distraught wife arrived back from her trip, she found mischievous Ted sitting inside the door waiting to greet her.  Evidently the UPS man was a bad influence because Ted had a new heart shaped tattoo on his arm with the word "Mother" tagged within it, an empty bottle of beer on his lap and a pair of women's lacy undergarments draped over his head.  That was the last time Ted was ever left unsupervised.

While that incident occurred a number of years ago, Ted still holds his job and continues to take it very seriously.  In fact, whenever my wife or I find ourselves travelling without one another, Ted packs a bag and assumes his travelling buddy responsibilities with gusto.  This past summer, Ted accompanied me to the Door County Peninsula and thought there may be a few readers who would be interested in hearing about his trip.  That's when I offered to feature him in the "Title This..." spot for the next several weeks as an inspiration to travelling buddies everywhere.  It's your job to supply the title in the comments section below.  Ted will read every one of them so please don't disappoint him.

In the shot above, Ted took his turn at piloting my kayak to the algae rich shores of Toft's Point on Moonlight Bay.  Please give him some "comment love" for his efforts.


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