Monday, October 3, 2011

Moulton's Pride

Having been back from our trip out west for a few weeks now, I'm still going through photos making selections and processing.  The above is another of the barns of Mormon Row and probably my favorite of the two that we shot that day (See Mormon Row).

When shooting scenery as popular as the barns of Mormon Row, the challenge is always to try to find a way to capture it that makes your interpretation unique to the other thousands of images that have come before you.  Sometimes Mother Nature throws you a bone and gives you a spectacular sky or incredible lighting that helps your image stand apart from the others, but there was no such help on this day.  Instead I leveraged several of the bracketed exposures I had taken and blended them together into what has become one of my new favorite images.

This image, and many others, are available for purchase in my fine art prints gallery.  Enjoy.


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