Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Title This...

One lazy day touring Kangaroo Lake between Bailey's Harbor and Jacksonport, I found myself under attack.  I was at the far southern end of the lake in the sandy shallows and had just gotten back into the kayak after taking a few minutes to enjoy my full vertical height (aka, give my butt and back a rest) before peddling back across the lake to the boat launch.  All of a sudden a small flock of Canadian Geese that had been quietly swimming a few hundred yards away decided I was the enemy.

With a flurry of wings and raucous explosion of honking, they took to the air and headed straight at me!  As I'd just gotten back into the kayak, my camera was still stowed away in the hull and I scrambled to arm myself with the ability to shoot back.  By the time I was armed and firing, the more daring of the flock had already skimmed over my head and I was only able to shoot this slow, half-committed, noisy, bad goose wannabe as he took the long way around.  It was a "Near Miss" in more ways than one!

Use the comments section below to offer up your own title to the image or share a story of your own about these short-tempered Canadian imports :-).


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