Monday, September 26, 2011


"Inspired" - Inspiration Point, Yellowstone National Park

This was my third trip through Yellowstone National Park.  The first was when I was 5 years old and we were on our way home from visiting relatives in Washington state.  The only real memory I have of that trip is of my Uncle Woody nearly loosing his false teeth in one of the boiling mud pits.  That, and trying not to get burned by his cigar when he fell asleep next to me in the back seat of the station wagon.

The second time was on our way home from a funeral in Utah six or seven years ago and before either my wife or I were really into photography. The most recent, of course, was on our way home from visiting family in Idaho.  Every one of these visits has been "passing through" on our way to or from some other destination and never as the destination itself.  As a result, we've always been eager to get to where we were headed and have not made it a priority to really enjoy the beauty the park has to offer.

Having now had the opportunity to view some of these sights from a photographer's point of view, both my wife and I are longing for the day when we can make the parks THE destination, rather than a stop along the way.  We've been "Inspired".

Prints of the above image, as well as many others, are available for purchase in my fine art prints gallery.  Enjoy.


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