Monday, August 22, 2011

Back from the Door

September is rapidly racing toward the front of the calendar and I regret to admit that this past week was my first recreational trip to the Door County Peninsula this summer.  It's been an incredibly busy year so it was a very welcome break.  I'll be sharing more images from the trip over the coming weeks.

This shot of my old friend, the Cana Island Lighthouse, was taken after wading out into Lake Michigan in the hour before sunrise.  Thanks to the calm water, well lit surroundings and a little practical experience from last year, I was not at all hesitant about walking my gear out into the lake.  With the pre-dawn light developing behind me and the lighthouse and "Old Mother" in front of me, I thought this made for a unique perspective of one of my favorite Door County locations.  I titled it "Lunar Assist".


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