Friday, July 8, 2011

500px Revisited

Last week I posted about  Since then, I have spent a little more time on the site and I have to tell you I'm completely blown away!  Yes, I've dabbled in Facebook and Flickr, but I must say if you're into photography like I am, then the concepts behind 500px and the interface in front of it border on brilliant. 

If you're sick of viewing pictures of someones cats being cats or endless gaudy awards and banners pasted all over someones comments because it's the rules of the group to "post 1 and comment on 3", then you'll love  The simple "Like"/"Dislike" voting mechanism helps the cream rise to the top and will allow you to quickly locate some amazing photography via either "Popular" or the "Editors' Choice" categories. 

It tracks your activities so you can easily see where you've been and what you did, provides you with your own blog capabilities, a "Wall", as well as a friends tab to keep track of what those you admire have been shooting lately.  You can even create your own portfolio.  It's the best of all worlds in a well developed, easy to use interface.

This is the playground where the pros and those of us that aspire to become pro can share, comment and simply be amazed by the incredible photography occurring daily the world over. 

I've set up a free account so I could "kick the tires".  Please take a second to check it out and while you're there be sure to take a peek at some of the images I marked as favorites. 

Tell me if you don't feel inspired to grab the camera and head for the door? :-)


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