Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Using Lightroom to Make a "High Key" Image

You've seen them before.  An image where the subject seems to be suspended within a sea of white.  Referred to as "High Key", it's a pretty simple task to accomplish right within Lightroom once you've become proficient with the Adjustment Brush tool (See "Getting to Know Lightroom's Adjustment Brush")

I was intrigued by the mid-air acrobatics of one of our hummingbird friends and, despite it being a noisy, background cluttered image, I thought maybe we could make something out of it.  Here's the original image.

Using Lightroom's Adjustment Brush, I selected the area surrounding the hummingbird being careful to us a softer edged brush around the "wing blur" and a brush with a more defined edge for the rest.  Once satisfied with my selection I moved the Saturation and Clarity sliders for the selection all the way to the left and pushed the Brightness slider to the right until I achieved a pure white background. 

Still on the "grainy" side, but in this case I think the extra texture gives it  a little character :).

Have you ever tried "High Key" photography? Whether in the studio or in post processing?  Drop a link in the comments and show us your stuff.  We'd love to see it.

Until next time, keep click'n.


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