Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Title This...

My wife and I enjoy bird photography.  I especially enjoy raptors - eagles, hawks, osprey... not what you would consider "flocking" birds.  So when we see some of the images of those we like to follow on Flickr and can't begin to imagine how in the world they are getting SOOOO many incredible shots, I'd have to admit we're more than a little jealous.  And then we find out that they are sitting on these fish-rich feeding grounds where it may not be uncommon to see up to 200 bald eagles at a time!  That's a little different that sitting on the edge of the river waiting for 1 bird to do something spectacular in front of your camera.

Well today, fellow birding photographers, I say to you, "Eat your hearts out"!

That's right! THREE, count 'em, THREE hummingbirds in a single frame! And that's not counting the couple that are circling my head as I snapped the picture.  With the many feeders my wife manages for these little guys, we've accumulated a whole SWARM of hummingbirds.  In fact, that feeder was full only a few minutes before I took the picture! ;-).  I've titled it, "Another Round Please".

Use the comments section below to offer up your funny title for the image.


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