Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Camera Calibration Repost

Today's Lightroom 3 segment is a repost from earlier this year and also serves as  a reminder for me to take my own advice :-).

If you're a regular reader of the blog, you're probably aware that I (with the help of my beautiful wife) upgraded to a Nikon D300s this past winter.  It wasn't until just recently that I was importing another set of images into Lightroom and recognized the fact that I was making essentially the same adjustments on nearly every image.  Huh.  Maybe I should do something about that?

While I STILL haven't found the time to apply the advice in the post "Camera Calibration in Lightroom 3", it is undoubtedly the answer to my problem.  If you find yourself in a similar situation or recently upgraded your camera, do yourself a favor and read this post.

Until next time, keep click'n.


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