Friday, March 4, 2011

HDR Spotting

I'm always scouring the web looking for photography that inspires me.  Finding and appreciating quality work from others provides me with two great benefits.  First, it inspires me to want to put my own camera to my eye and get out there and shoot.  Second, it helps me to better appreciate what types of images I like and to seek out the answer to that ever evasive question, "Why?".  Why am I attracted to a particular image?  Being able to answer that question will do wonders for your own photography because you begin to take mental note of the answers to the "Whys?".  You'll soon find you're applying those mental notes to your own photography when looking through the viewfinder.

That being said, here's another photo blog that I've added to my list for occasional review.  It's another Trey Ratcliff product he calls "HDR Spotting".   Whether you're a fan of HDR or not, there is some pretty amazing and inspirational work to be found here.

Where do you go when you need a little "photo inspiration"?


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