Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Title This...

If you live in the northern hemisphere, you understand that winters can get to be pretty monotonous.  It's around this time of year that "cabin fever" can set in while we patiently wait for the arrival of spring and warmer weather.  To combat "cabin fever", some people drive around the country side with their camera in hand looking for photo ops.  Others... well, others do things that provide the photo ops. 

The instant I pressed the shutter release on this one, the back of my mind began connecting and relaying circuits.  I can relate to taking the dog for a walk so that idea was close at hand, but the word "horse" was immediately associated with "transportation".  The word "transportation" made me think of cars, and for some unknown reason, that well known bumper sticker... "My other car is a ..." jumped to the front of my mind.  In less than the 1/100th of a second required to capture the photo, I knew what I was going to title it - "My Other Dog is a Pug".

Your turn. Beat back your own "cabin fever" by thinking up an interesting title for this image and share it in the comments section below.  Have fun.


Anonymous said...

Hey Wilbur, let's go to Jamaica.

Ken Schram said...

Good one! :)

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