Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Title This...

No points for picture quality in this week's Title This post, but the story makes up for it...

My wife and I have a small landscape pond in our front yard containing a few Japanese Koi.  In the winter months, the Koi are relocated to a 250 gallon tub in the garage over which hangs a heat lamp to keep a hole in the ice for air exchange.  This spring we transferred our 3 Koi to the pond for the summer.  This fall, I transferred 11 Koi to their winter home.  Evidently something "fishy" happened during the time in between :-).

One night last week I arrived home from work and was talking to my wife in the garage.  The only light was coming from the heat lamp, but she spotted a movement out of the corner of her eye and made me aware of it.  I happened to have my camera in the bag on my shoulder and I was able to capture several quick snaps.  The image above, I titled "House Guest". 

This small weasel decided he had a pretty sweet deal living among the blankets and the warmth of the heat lamp just upstairs from the "fish bar".  My wife lifted the blankets and screen cover to check on the Koi a little while later and discovered the 3 large fish hanging around as usual and one dead baby Koi on the bottom of the tub.  The remaining 7 are mysteriously at large???

Use the comments section below to offer up your best title for our weasel friend and remember to have fun.


Lisadawn Schram said...

Well, when you brought the koi in for the winter I was so surprised, (and a teeny bit delited-much to your dismay)that we now had 11 instead of 3. Some of them were indeed small to be going thru a first winter and dormancy, and I feared that they would make it; evidently being late summer babies. Some of them were so gorgeous, the colors were amazing on them. I couldn't wait to see what they developed into, although I knew we couldn't keep them all in our small pond. Having said that, I thought about how to find homes for them in the spring-and how to protect them from going to some piranha tank, you'll remember. Sadly, now I don't have to worry about that. While I love our "pet weasel", and his visits to me in the shop, I am very disappointed in THIS behavior. He is now grounded from stretching his little legs on my boots, and I have named him "Naughty Nate", to keep it family friendly. "Art the A......" would have been my next choice. Who does he think he is to chew holes thru the protection and go for midnight swims? You'd think he could ask if it'd be alright since we're on a first name basis now. One thing, I know, is I have proved to you once and for all that our little weasel is not a figmment of my overactive imagination!

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