Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall has Fallen

Every year I watch the leaves start to turn with great anticipation thinking of all the incredible landscape images that are out there for the taking.

"Seasons Passed"
Every year I'm surprised by how fast the color goes from "peek" to "meek".

"Nature's Carpet"
 I hope you had an opportunity to get out there and enjoy the color while it lasted.

Use the comments section to post some links to YOUR favorite fall photos.


Adam Emter said...


Went out and took a few shots of my family this weekend. You can check them out at

Feel free to leave comments! Cheers, Adam

Lisadawn Schram said...

Beautiful pictures, Ken.

Ken Schram said...

Hey, Adam. Thanks for sharing. Great kid portraits. Sent you a friend request as it wouldn't let me leave comments.

Thank you, Winged Wench. Where are your links as I know you have some AWESOME fall photos? :-)

Lisadawn Schram said...

Alas, the time required is out of reach at the moment, I will be catching up soon. I don't have a hard time taking the pictures, but I DO have a hard time keeping up with the socializing responsibility! That latter slowly starts to take me away from the things I love to do or should be doing, until I realize that's all I AM doing. Therefore, I must curtail those activities until I am back on an even plane. Do you know where I can buy an affordable clone? Or maybe you could start a donation fund for me to hire a secretary? That would be GREAT!

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