Monday, August 9, 2010

A Trip to the Eye Doctor

Since "My First HDR" post, my wife and I purchased two books on the topic of HDR and I've been submerging myself deeper into the pool.  I just finished Trey Ratcliff's "A World in HDR" and found it to be a very interesting read.  It features many of Trey's own HDR images captured from exotic locations around the world complete with his own comical commentary.  It also includes a chapter or two too get you started with processing your own HDR images.  With my newly found HDR education, I set to work to turn this image...

... into this...

      (click image for larger view)

Technically this is now my second HDR, but I'd have to say this is my first HDR after reading instructions from someone who knew what they were doing :-).  The irony is that the building featured in the shot is the "Eye Clinic of Wisconsin" hence the title... "A Trip to the Eye Doctor".  For some reason I find that funny.

If you'd like to see more of "The HDR Project", I've created a new set on Flickr to house the results of my continued experimentation.  I would REALLY appreciate some feedback on these images as I'm struggling with whether or not to make them available for sale in my gallery.  So far I'm really enjoying both the process and the results.

What do you think?


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