Monday, May 3, 2010

On the Hunt

If you are a frequent friend of the blog or occasional visitor to my Flickr page, you have probably seen some of the recent osprey images I have shared. I'm very fortunate to have a nesting pair of osprey located atop a power pole just outside the office building where I work. It's a nice break in the day to grab the camera and take a walk on the wild side.

Having captured my fair share of images of my feathered friends, I'm aiming for some loftier goals and hope to get a shot of "the dive". Ospreys are unique in that often times they will dive head first into open water to satisfy a fish craving. Earlier this week I came within 20 feet of realizing my goal when I watched one of them hover like a humming bird about 30 feet above the water before tucking its wings and plummeting into the river head first. Unfortunately it happened with some thick undergrowth between me and the river so while I heard the splash, there was no shot to be had. Instead I settled for a few shots of my friend enjoying the lunch. Maybe next time.


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