Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Title This…

I’ve previously mentioned that my wife and I like to frequent the Door County peninsula during the summer months and I made a return trip last week to winterize our travel trailer for what is to come. 

After my visit in July I had posted a few images that showed the incredibly low water levels in North Bay.  On my way back home this past week, I drove past the bay again only to find that water levels are even further down from just a few months ago!  Imagine owning a “lake side” property on the largest body of fresh water in the world only to find that you now have a hundred yard commute past the end of your dock before you can get your toes wet!

And it gets worse.  It’s long been believed that these low water levels are the direct result of our “interfering” by continued dredging and erosion on the St. Clair River

Soon you’ll be visiting the “Great Ponds” rather than the Great Lakes.


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